Selling on-line?  Watch your orders roll in, wherever you are.

The OrderPipe mobile ecommerce dashboard will give you the real-time sales metrics you've always wanted.

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Multi-Channel - all your orders in one place

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OrderPipe aggregates your orders from a growing list of sales channels such as Amazon and Magento. eBay support is coming soon!

Orders from multiple currencies can be aggregated together into a single currency, to track your sales around the world.

Mobile Dashboard - track orders, products, locations and trends

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OrderPipe is a mobile dashboard for your ecommerce business. Watch important metrics for sales, products, orders locations and channels in near-real time.

You can view and analyze top selling and highest earning products across all your sales channels.

Monitor Orders - get important order details on the go

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OrderPipe shows you the important order details wherever you are!

Keep an eye on important customers, special promotions, popular products and ensure orders are processing as they should be.

Responsive Design - works on all your devices, no app required

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OrderPipe is a mobile web app built to adjust to the screensize of your device.

Take your orders with you on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Plans and Pricing

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Number of users 1
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Sales history 30 days
1 year
Mobile sales dashboard
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Product metrics

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I recently joined OrderPipe and I am now addicted to checking sales on my phone.
Gilad Gafni
It's a great app. We use it to monitor our two Magento webstores. Signing up and connecting Magento stores to OrderPipe is quick and easy.
Stephen Blake,
OrderPipe gives me the sales dashboard I've always wanted. It lets me keep a close eye on the business using my mobile phone or iPad, no matter where I am.
Paul Grey,
OrderPipe Founder

About OrderPipe

OrderPipe is a mobile web app used by e-commerce merchants to monitor sales real-time. Access OrderPipe from your iPhone, your iPad, or any web browser.

  • How are my sales going today?
  • What have I sold since I last checked?
  • What are my total sales across all my sales channels?
  • Which products are selling well today?

These are questions OrderPipe answers real-time with its mobile dashboard.

It’s easy to get started. No download required. No installation needed.

Simply register on-line using your Google ID, turn on the built-in connectors to your e-commerce sales platforms, and wait for the orders to roll in. Your OrderPipe sales metrics will be updated automatically.