OrderPipe Consolidates Sales Across Channels

My business sells its products using many on-line sales channels. Foremost amongst them are Magento-based webstores and the Amazon Marketplaces in the USA and UK, and we’re adding more all the time. Magento is quite good at reporting sales. Its admin home page features a sales dashboard, if offers a new orders RSS feed and its reporting includes all orders up to the minute. When you operate one store and it’s your entire business this is fine. But when you’re running two Magento webstores, or a dozen or more, the standard Magento capabilities aren’t much use if what you’re after is an at-a-glance view of your total sales, rather than store-by-store detail.

The Amazon marketplace presents the e-commerce merchant with another set of challenges. You get access to Seller Central which includes good reporting, but the reports for the most part include data only up to a few days ago. No good if you want to see today’s sales. There’s also the Seller Central order screen which lets you know when sales are made, but often doesn’t give near enough detail. In any case, Seller Central gives you a picture only of sales made through one sales channel, the Amazon Marketplace.

This is where OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard comes in.

It gives you a consolidated, up-to-the-minute picture of your sales across multiple sales channels. If so far today you’ve made 140 sales of 255 units totalling $5,432 in value across Amazon and five webstores, it’ll tell you so, at a glance. This is valuable information that you won’t get from any individual sales channel system, no matter how good.