The Sales Location Map

If you’re selling in the United States, the OrderPipe home page features a U.S. map headed Sales Locations which gives you an at-a-glance view of where your sales are going and whether your sales are concentrated in particular regions. If you’re wondering what exactly it’s displaying, here’s an explanation.

Sales Location Map

The shading of the states represents the aggregate revenue of orders being delivered to customers in each state. The darker the shade, the higher the revenue. In the example above California represents the highest revenue share.

The darkness of the shade is relative to the maximum sales to any one state in the recent past. This means that if you sold $1,000 of product to customers in California one day last week and it was displayed in the darkest colour that day, you’d have to sell at least $1,000 to any one state today for it to show in that same dark shade. In other words, not only does the OrderPipe Sales Locations map give you a picture of where your customers are, it indicates the relative revenue amounts and geographic concentration at the same time.

The dots represent actual delivery locations, when they’re available. In the map above you can see that the Washington orders are going to Seattle, and the Oregon orders to Portland.

If you can see that a particular state has revenue but no dots are shown, such as Texas in the map above, chances are that OrderPipe has as yet received only partial information and may not yet have received the delivery address from the system providing your sales data. In some instances it may not be able to interpret the address information. The OrderPipe map will, though, always show the most up-to-date information it has available to the best of its ability.

The map uses SVG (scalable vector graphics) rendering technology. This is used to draw the map, to shade the regions and to draw the dots, which gives a superior representation than a static image. SVG does mean, though, that it can take a little longer to display than the other sections of the page.

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