Connecting OrderPipe to Amazon

You sell through the Amazon Marketplace and you’d like to see your Amazon sales on your OrderPipe mobile sales dashboard. Here’s what you need to do to make the Amazon-OrderPipe connection.

In the OrderPipe Setting screen click the big button labelled ‘Add Order Source’.

Add Order Source

Then click the Amazon button and you’ll see a form appear, asking you for three pieces of information.

Form Add Amazon Order Source

Marketplace ID and Merchant ID

Together these two pieces of information are the credentials that OrderPipe will use to connect to Amazon’s systems to request your order data. OrderPipe uses a service called Amazon MWS, “Amazon Merchant Web Services”. You’ll need to log in to Seller Central to enable MWS and and to find your Marketplace ID and Merchant ID. While you’re in the MWS part of Seller Central you’ll also need to grant OrderPipe access.


This is where you tell OrderPipe which Amazon Marketplace to connect to.

Once that’s done, tap the big ‘Submit’ button. OrderPipe will connect to Amazon MWS and start displaying your Amazon orders. It can take a few minutes to make the connection, and to process the first sales statistics. If all’s well, there’s nothing more for you to do than go to the OrderPipe main screen to watch your sales roll in.