Connecting OrderPipe to Amazon in Detail integrates with Amazon to make your, Amazon Webstore and Checkout by Amazon sales available in our mobile sales dashboard. We can connect to,,, and - more marketplaces are coming, if you have specific requirements, please let us know. To add an Amazon Sales Channel click ‘Add Order Source’ in the settings menu. This will show a screen like this:

To connect OrderPipe to your Seller account you need to provide a Merchant ID and a Marketplace ID. To allow the OrderPipe application to access your account visit the appropriate Marketplace signup page by selecting the link.

alt text

Some users have reported the links above do not correctly populate the OrderPipe developer ID and application name. If that happens to you please input the information below manually:

Application Name: OrderPipe

Developer ID: 9535-3333-6211 4448-4546-7087 1968-0823-1336 6266-0919-4743 4448-4546-7087

Once you have inputted this information, Amazon will display the required Merchant ID and Marketplace ID. Lastly, copy and paste these values into OrderPipe, and save your order source. OrderPipe immediately begins fetching yoru recent history and crunching the statistics for your dashboard. You should be able to see your results within 15 minutes, but if the platform is busy, it can take up to an hour. If you still have no result after an hour, you should contact us.

For choosing a currency, we suggest setting your OrderPipe account to your primary currency, and either converting other currencies if they arrive, or ignore them, and create more OrderPipe accounts for your other marketplaces. It is fast and easy to switch between OrderPipe accounts.